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    Who is Rex Headwear?

    We all know that there are many companies and brands out there creating their version of a cool and funky hat, and good on them because one can never have too many hats right?!  At Rex Headwear, we create funky and edgy caps with a difference.  

    Rex Headwear was born out of the passion of two sisters and the incredible bond they had with each of their first born toddler sons (who were born only 2 weeks apart by the way).  These two Australian born sisters love the sun and being outdoors, and wanted to bring their children up in the same way so that they could live fearlessly and experience all that this wonderful crazy world has to offer.  Of course, they wanted to ensure that their children not only enjoyed the outdoors, but that they were sun smart and could look really good doing it too.  To top it off, the sisters didn't want to miss out on the fun and wanted to spend as much time with their little boys as possible.  

    They found that there was a gap in the market for headwear that was trendy, good quality, affordable, reflected their personality and style, and had matching adult and kids hats (come on, who doesn't love a mini-me?).  So the sisters, who came from very different corporate environments, joined forces to create a headwear company that allows parents and kids all over the world to personalise and wear quality "twinning" headwear to suit their very own unique style.  And the best part of all, the sisters can empower all hat wearers out there to have the courage to wear hats that dare to be different, can speak their mind and make them feel like an everyday Royal.

    Welcome to the Rex Kingdom!

    Shirley & Elisha
    Sisters, Mothers, Co-Founders