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    What size do Rex caps come in?

    Rex has two sizes of caps and we always recommend measuring the head circumference before ordering our caps.  

    Size      Adjustable to fit head circumference Approximate Age
    Kids 44cms-50cms 6 months - 4 years old
    Adults 54cms-60cms From 8 years old - Adults


    *Please note that the above measurements are only a guide, and every child tends to grow differently. 

    Kids caps

    If your child's head is 54cms or larger, we recommend that you order the Adults size cap for them.  

    If your child's head is between 51cms - 53cms, they are a youth size and we currently don't stock caps in that size.  We are currently working to stock youth size caps in the near future so please sign up to Rexmail and we will keep you posted.


    How do I measure the head circumference?

    Measure just above the eyebrows and above the ear line where the bottom edge of the cap will most likely sit, making sure the measuring tape is straight around the full circumference of the head.




    I don't have a measuring tape, what should I do?

    You don’t have to hold a ruler up to your head and try to estimate your size.  This is where a long piece of string (or even dental floss) becomes handy.  Simply wrap that around your head just as you would a measuring tape, and then lie the string flat on a table alongside a ruler (remembering to keep your thumb or finger on the spot where the string wrapped all the way around).